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Indiana State Soccer Camps
True Soccer Camps

Memorial Stadium
Memorial Stadium is the home of the Indiana State football program. The facility, a former minor league baseball ballpark, is one of the few Division 1-AA football stadiums in the country with an AstroPlay artifical playing surface, which was installed prior to the 2001 season. Indiana State, in 1967, was the first university in the world to own and maintain outdoor use of an artificial playing surface.

Location: On the corner of Brown Avenue and Wabash Avenue (East of ISU campus)

Indiana State Soccer Complex
The newest addition to the Sycamores’ athletic facilities is the Indiana State Soccer Complex. This facility consists of two separate natural-grass playing surfaces. One field serves as a practice field, while the main field, serves as the Sycamores’ gameday facility.

Location: On the corner of 1st Street and Locust Street, beside Sycamore Field, Terre Haute, Indiana
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Springhill Soccer Complex
990 W. Springhill Drive
Terre Haute, IN  47802